“At all costs”. Ukrainian general about Russia's plans [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

The war in Ukraine continues. Saturday was the 801st day of the Russian invasion. General Oleksandr Pavlyuk, commander of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, declared that “the Russians' goal is not only territorial victory.” – They want to destroy the Ukrainian nation. He pointed out that for the third year in a row, their plans were thwarted by the Ukrainian armed forces with heroic fighting. The military official insisted that Moscow wants to occupy the Donetsk and Luhansk regions “at all costs” by the end of the year, and “if it succeeds, the Zaporizhia region.” Follow Virtualna Polska's live coverage.

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Alarm sirens are sounding again in Ukraine.

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Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN, Serhii Kislitsa, undoubtedly added fuel to the fire. He posted a slideshow on X Platform showing “a list of six major types of bridges in 2024.” There is an empty window where the Crimean Bridge should be.

According to the editor of the Rybar channel, the Ukrainians may use ADM-160 decoy missiles (MALD) in the attack.

The ADM-160 missile is an autonomous dummy target launched by an aircraft to confuse enemy air defenses. Its mission is to maneuver in the air and behave like an aircraft or cruise missile, thereby directing the enemy's air defense fire resources into itself, enabling its own combat assets to conduct an effective air-to-ground attack.

Piontkovsky predicted that the Ukrainians would soon attack the Crimean bridgehead. The thesis appeared on the Rybar Telegram channel, which is linked to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Its author says the attack could take place on May 7, Putin's fifth term in office.

Andriy Piontkovsky, a well-known Russian propagandist and staunch opponent of Putin, said in an interview with UNIAN that the Crimean bridge would be destroyed by the end of May. Where do you get that confidence? According to him, this will happen thanks to the delivery of American ATACMS missiles.

In the evening, Kharkov was attacked by Shahed drones. 4 people including a child were injured. Fire broke out at three other places. The largest of them exploded in warehouses with a total area of ​​about 3,000 square meters. The State Service for Emergency Situations of Ukraine reported that the fight against the consequences of the attack is still ongoing.

At night, the Crimean bridge was closed for an hour. What is the reason? Not specified. In a message posted on its Telegram channel this morning, the Russian Defense Ministry said: “Last night the regime in Kiev attempted to launch a terrorist attack using US ATACMS operational-tactical missiles against objects on the border of the Russian Federation. It was foiled.”

“Four operational-tactical missiles were destroyed by air defense mechanisms serving on the border of the Crimean peninsula,” the ministry boasted in a statement.

At night, Russian drones attacked the Dnipropetrovsk region. Air defense destroyed five drones. Despite this, according to Serhiy Lysak, head of the regional administration, there was some destruction and loss of life. – A critical infrastructure facility was damaged. as well as three private houses. Two people — a man and a woman — were injured, he said.

The New York Times reports that the first small amount of military aid from the €1 billion US package has so far reached Ukraine. Most of the weapons from large aid packages announced by the US, UK and Germany will not reach Ukraine for months. One reason is logistics: combat vehicles, boats, modern guns, missiles and air defense systems often have to be transported by sea or rail because of their size.

According to an official quoted by the NYT, most of the most important weapons won't arrive until mid-summer, if not later.

Flight warning canceled in Ukraine

In the past 24 hours, the Russians have lost 1,260 soldiers in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian General Staff. Thus, the balance of losses of the Russian army since February 22, 2022 has already reached 473,400 people.

The Institute for War Studies has released new maps illustrating the situation on the frontline in Ukraine.

During the day, the Ukrainian General Staff reported 119 skirmishes on the front. The hottest was in the direction of Avdiv – 34 collisions and in the direction of Pakmuk – 27.

During the day, the enemy launched 5 missile attacks, 105 air attacks, and 91 artillery attacks on positions of Ukrainian soldiers and populated areas.

During the night, the Russians launched 13 kamikaze drones and four S-300 missiles from the Belgorod region. Ukrainian Air Force shot down all launched drones.

Emergency sirens sound in Ukraine.


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“There are no Russian ships in the Black and Azov Seas. 2 ships are in the Mediterranean Sea, including 1 Kalibr cruise missile. It can fire up to 16 missiles,” the Ukrainian Navy announced at 6 a.m. Polish time.

More photos and video from shopping center fire Khabarovsk.

A shopping mall in Khabarovsk, Russia has caught fire.

There is currently no information on victims:

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