At a glance you get a new unified Pixel settings page

Google Pixel devices are now unified in their “At a Glance” settings where everything appears on one new page. This first appeared for some users in mid-October, but is now widely available.

After previously splitting it across two settings pages (Google App and Android System Intelligence), you'll now find all the on/off switches at a glance in one list. As always, long press on the top of the Pixel Launcher > Personalization > Settings settings to access.

Old settings

It starts with the new “Quick Usage” toggle, which was previously located in the Pixel Launcher settings, followed by shortcuts to various system and account settings: Sensitive Content on the Lock Screen, Personalization Using App Data, Personalization Using Google Account Data, Usage Your Google Activity, and Assistant Personal Results , home and work addresses, smart Gmail features, and location.

This is followed by 19 features at a glance:

weather Share rides
Air quality Travel
Alerts fitness
Earthquake warning Security check
Coming Timer and stopwatch
Work profile Connected devices
Food and home orders Cross-device timer
Parcel delivery door bell
He travels daily to work Flashlight
time to leave

On a related note, Google in recent weeks has removed Bedtime: “Your next bedtime from the Clock app.” Additionally, in a store: “Shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards when in supported stores” is not yet rolled out.

More at a glance:

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