Astros sweep the Tigers to 7-0 home

HOUSTON – For the first time in 35 years, the Astros have swept a seven-game home – and for the first time in Minute Maid Park – they got a massive pitching from their starting spin and bull and did enough offensively to put them on the heels of the Angels taking first place in the American Western Association.

The Astros made it through four games for the Tigers on Sunday afternoon, as three bowlers combined to throw a single hit on the field. 5-0 . win. Aledmys Diaz He managed to win his third Grand Slam title to help Houston finish second to their first 7-0 home since sweeping the Braves and Cardinals August 14-20, 1987, at the Astrodome.

Astros writer Jake Odorese He made his third straight start by throwing five innings and allowing only one hit. Christian Jaffer He tied him down and retired nine of the ten hits he faced to five, and Hector Neres The closing culminated with the ninth inning 1-2-3 which included a save catch running into the right field wall by Kyle Tucker.

“The shooters are still ahead of the hitters,” said Dusty Becker, Astros manager. “Although they throw really well, they have a little problem attacking there and scoring some kicks. That’s everywhere in the league and all over baseball. We’ll take it. We didn’t get a lot of hits, but we got the big hit when Diaz counted it.” It was a big blow to us.”

Here’s a closer look at what’s clicked for the 18-11 Astros:

The Astros allowed 37 hits, eight runs (seven), 13 walks and 54 hitters in 63 innings in their seven-winning streak, scoring 1.00 ERA, 0.79 WHIP and .271 hitting average for opponents. Originally Posted 1.05 PM; Bulls, 0.89.

“Throwing is the name of the game,” Becker said. “Guys go deep into the games. Our schedule hasn’t stretched out too badly in the last seven games. I mean, that’s been the last 17 in a row. We’ve urged our guys to finish strong, not to think about slack day. [Monday]. ”

The only hit the Tigers were able to achieve was a double by Jonathan Schaup in the second half, and Odorizzi overcame in the fourth consecutive game. Odorizzi is 3-0 with 0.51 ERA and 0.57 WHIP in his last three starts after allowing nine earned runs in nine innings in his first three starts.

“Today was more than just a fight,” he said. “I got a little bit there in the middle, third and fourth. But I think that’s the difference now, I’ve been able to get it right faster and pitch when I needed to get past those innings.”

Just enough crime
The Astros weren’t exactly crushing the ball during their seven winning streak, besting the opponent, 28-8. Houston knocked down 0.225/.326/.431 with 11 homers during the Homestand, including Díaz at the Grand Slam and Homer solo by Alex Bregman on Sunday 5th.

“I know the guys do a good job staying in the strike zone,” Bregman said. “I think the players swing the kicks and take the balls and with time the cream rises to the top. I think our attack will be very good.”

Diaz said he’s been emotional about the rules on his third major in his career, which came on Mother’s Day.

“I just texted my mom and she’s so happy,” he said. “I said I hit it for her, and I’m proud of that.”

Astros second main man Jose Altove He was knocked off the hit list on Monday and started all seven games, scoring .409/ .519/ .818 during a winning streak with three homers. Jeremy Peñadespite being out for two days from the line-up, hit the .368 with two homers, the Jordan Alvarez hover twice.

What’s Next
The Astros will embark on a three-city road trip starting Tuesday in Minneapolis against the twins and Carlos Correa, who has spent the past seven years as a mainstay in Houston. Justin Verlander (3-1, 1.93 ERA) would kick off, as the Astros chose to coax Javier – who had started in their last three games – into a three-round break on Sunday and hold the rest of the course for five days of rest.

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