Aroldis Chapman left Yankees roster for not rehearsing

New York – loyal to the Yankees Aroldis Chapman He was disqualified from the Major League Soccer after skipping a mandatory workout, resulting in a fine and potentially ending his seven-year All-Star spell with New York.

The 34-year-old flamethrower may not have been on the 26-man roster in the best-of-five series against Cleveland that begins Tuesday night due to erratic performances and inconsistent mechanics.

Chapman, who hasn’t saved the ball since May 17, was due to take a hit on the field Friday at Yankee Stadium, but the team said he was in Miami instead. After speaking with Chapman, manager Aaron Boone told general manager Brian Cashman that he had ordered the bowler to stay away from the club.

“I think he wondered if he’d be on the list or not,” Boone said.

Chapman had disrupted an already exhausted Bullpup when he appeared on the injured list from August 24 through September 16 with a leg injury from getting a tattoo.

“It’s a pity he wasn’t here on Friday,” Cashman said Sunday. “Obviously disappointing, but at the same time I wasn’t surprised by the way things started over the course of the season. So it was surprising at first, like a bit of a shock, but after the shock wears off, when you add everything up, it’s not surprising. There are some Questions about whether or not he has been involved in the action for a short time, has verbally confirmed that he is there, but sometimes the verbs do not match these words.”

Cashman, who has worked with the Yankees since 1986, couldn’t remember another player who lost practice. In October 2015, New York Mets player Matt Harvey missed training three days before the opening of his team’s Division Series.

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Chapman’s agent, Scott Shapiro, said he and his client had no comment. While the Yankees did not rule out Chapman in later rounds, they did leave the impression that his return is unlikely.

in other news, Matt Carpenter He is likely listed as a designated hitter/hitter after recovering from a fractured left foot he sustained on August 8th. Andrew Benintende He still has a long shot after surgery to repair a fracture in his right wrist. Savior Clay Holmes He will be listed but may not be available for the opener when he returns from his cortisone shot on September 29th to treat inflammation in the right rotator cuff.

player DJ LimaheuThe player’s position was not specified as he was attempting to beat his second sore right toe which led to his 18-board appearance after September 4.

Gerrit Cole The Yankees will start the opening game Tuesday night, followed by Nestor Cortes in game 2 and Louis Severino In Game 3. Boone is leaning toward a three-man rotation against the AL Central champion, who swept two games out of Tampa Bay in the first round. Jameson Telon Domingo Germain will work to solve the problem.

Chapman made 315 saves in 13 major league seasons with the Cincinnati, Chicago Cubs, and Yankees, and was named a seventh All-Star pick last year. But he has a 4.46 ERA this year and 28 walks in 36⅓ runs.

Boone and Cashman wouldn’t say if Chapman had a chance to make the ALDS roster before the accident.

“When you’re used to being superhuman and then dealing with adversity, I obviously think people handle it differently. And this year has been a struggle for him,” said Cashman. “This game isn’t easy, but you don’t need to make it more difficult, again, by not showing up for a mandatory workout, for yourself as you’re competing for post-season, and also for your teammates who are out there now fighting for you to be ready when they ask you to.”

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