Ariane Books criticizes the report, denies any feud with Brady

Tampa – Bruce Aryan doesn’t think Tom Brady is coming out of retirement. But Boss’ coach is sure his relationship with the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback wasn’t the reason he left the game after just two seasons in Tampa Bay.

“It’s going to shock me,” Arians said on Saturday of speculation that Brady will play in 2022. “He told us in time to do free agency like we’ve done in the past, which is why I don’t see that happening.”

But what really bothers Arians is a string of what he calls “far-fetched” claims that Brady’s relationship with the Beaux coach has soured.

“There seems to be one[story]every day now,” Arianes said. ‘Everyone is speculating that he’s going somewhere else. That doesn’t bother me. Those other bulls -, relationship affair, are so elusive.’

The latest came from former NFL player Rich Orenberger, who tweeted on Friday that Aryans had created tension between him and Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Liftwich.

“Apparently, while Aryan was rehabilitating his Achilles tendon early in the morning, offensive coordinator Byron Liftwich and Brady will be working on the plan for the week,” Orenberger wrote in a tweet. “The Aryans came later and took the red pen for the work they did. QB and OC felt undermined, and there was tension.”

Arians, speaking from Birmingham, Ala., where he was preparing a birthday party for one of his grandchildren, said that Orenberger’s claim was completely false and that he could not remain silent any longer.

“I mean, that’s like that bull —” Ariane said. ‘That’s what bothers me. I think it’s possible that Byron confirmed that as well.’

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Since arriving in Tampa Bay, the Arians have allowed Leftwich to do all the game planning and the results have been pretty good, even going back to 2019 when Jameis Winston was under center. The Bucs ranked the top three in total offensive and scored all three seasons under the Arians, and they were second with 30.1 points per game this past season. Brady also led the NFL in passing 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns last season.

Specifically, Arius said there were two things in Orenberger’s claim that he said were incorrect. Aryan is recovering from a partial ruptured Achilles tendon but has so far avoided surgery. He said he received no treatment for the injury in the morning.

“First of all, I don’t rehab Achilles in the morning,” said Arianes. “I’ll go over the game plans and add things, but I don’t delete anything. I don’t have to because they’re doing a good job.

“I’ll see a few things. Add a few things. It’s a great collaboration, one of the best I’ve ever been around.”

Arianes said he also never used a red pen to change the game plan. “I’ve never heard of that,” he said, laughing. “This was the best one ever. This is a nice drawing so you don’t know what (expletive) you’re talking about.”

Orenberger also alleged that Brady’s relationship with Aryan soured after the game plan was modified.

“Heard some interesting things recently… Tom Brady and Bruce Aryan’s honeymoon is over in Tampa,” Orenberger wrote on Twitter. “The retirement announcement was not due to a problem looking head-on over the game’s offensive planning, but the relationship was strained.”

Ohrnberger wasn’t the first to suggest Brady was unhappy with the way things were working out under the Arians at the end of the 2021 season.

There has been a lot of speculation that Brady will play in 2022 but for a team other than Team Bock. Brady is still on the Tampa Bay roster, but will move to the reserve/retirees list after June 1. The Bucs will keep their rights, and only $8 million of the $32 million dead money for Brady’s contract will fall under the 2022 salary cap.

But that hasn’t stopped speculation about Brady’s future.

“I’m telling you, it’s inevitable. ‘He’s not going to get down on himself to have to pollute himself the way Aaron Rodgers does,'” said Mike Florio. Professional Football Talk Live. “He’ll be working behind the scenes. I just… think he’ll be in the first week of the 49ers (for the 2022 season).

Arianes said he thinks Brady’s career is finally over. “I don’t know if there really is a story,” he said.

But what won’t go away is speculation about Brady’s future and why he retired.

The Arians confirmed that the Bucs should get close to the offseason as if they wouldn’t have Brady as their quarterback initially. He said all options are being evaluated, from potential deals to free agency to start the season with Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Trask in the middle.

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Arians said he was advised not to talk about all the speculation, but Orenberger’s claim that the coach changed his game plan in the 31-28 loss to the Rams in an NBA playoff forced him to end his silence.

“It really bothered me,” he said.

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