Archeology: The #1 seed set for selection on Sunday after late KS jumped to the #1 streak

Saturday was another day of turmoil that affected both ends of the arc.

was bigger Virginia Tech beating duke To win the ACC course. This is the second major event in which Duke fail to win the final season for coach Mike Krzyzewski. However, the implication is that the Hokies stole the bid. I don’t think they would have been in the NCAA without winning the ACC title.

The existing team is SMU. lost mustang Memphis In the American The semi-finals of the Sports Conference Championship and out of its bracket. SMU has one of the worst schedule rankings of any team vying for a place on the field and has had two bad losses, including one in the Quad 4. Mustangs haven’t done enough good to make up for it.

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I think the top seed in the arc is now set. Gonzaga He should be #1 overall in the selection on Sunday, followed by the Pac-12 Champion ArizonaBig 12 champion kansas The ruling national hero Baylor.

There are no games left that can affect the top line of the arc. Auburn And the Kentucky outside the SEC tournament. Bordeaux He didn’t get opponents strong enough in the Big Ten Tournament to put pressure on the first row. Boiler makers will face Yeah for the Big Ten title on Sunday right before the selection is shown.

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Top seed brackets

Check out the latest Palm slide, a full field of 68 and all the teams in the bubble on Archeology center.

There are no bubble games left for you to play, but there is one very important bubble squad game on the Sunday schedule. Davidson You’ll play to win the Atlantic 10 Championship to go along with the regular season title. if Richmond In that game, spiders will steal the show, and this show belongs to him Xavieris currently the last team in the category.

Texas A&M He made a surprise tour of the SEC Championship match and will face it Tennessee for this address.

in another job, Houston He will face Memphis in the American Athletic Conference Championship and Princeton will take over Yale For the ivy league crown.

I may do some seed scrubbing later, and other adjustments may need to be made depending on the results of the Saturday games, but the arc is starting to form with the official announcement just hours later.

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