Apple Watch calls 911 and saves the life of a cyclist in New York after a horrific accident

Smartwatches have been instrumental in saving many lives.

Apple Watch has proven to be a lifesaver on many occasions. Numerous reports have shown how it has saved lives by detecting abnormalities in users' health using sensors that measure heart rate, ECG, and more. In one of these recent incidents, the Apple Watch saved the life of a cyclist in New York after a terrible bike accident. The accident occurred last month when Eric Zollinger, a real estate broker, was riding a Citi Bike from his office to his home during heavy rain.

However, the journey took a dangerous turn when he encountered a hidden hole submerged under floodwaters. His bike hit the pothole, causing him to fall off his bike onto the pavement. Despite sustaining injuries to his nose, face and knee, Mr Zollinger continued home but later collapsed and lost consciousness in his bathroom as he slammed his body into the bathtub.

Fortunately, the Apple Watch detected the fall, automatically called 911, and alerted emergency contacts of its location. It is worth noting that the smart watch contains: Built-in fall detection functionwhich connects the user to emergency services if they “detected a hard fall.”

“The next thing I remember hearing was, '911, what's your emergency?'” Zollinger said while recounting the incident.

He then visited a local hospital for an evaluation. Fortunately, tests showed that he did not suffer any broken bones and he was later released.

Mr. Zollinger praised the smart watch's quick response and credited it with saving his life. “I don’t know how things would have gone for me if the clock hadn’t alerted me,” he said.

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“I feel very lucky and grateful for what has happened and what has happened with the Apple Watch helping me. It is a very smart watch. Apple is thinking of everything,” Mr. Zollinger added.

Smartwatches have been instrumental in saving many lives. Last year, a 42-year-old man in the UK shared how a smartwatch helped him survive a heart attack. according to pass. a company. United kingdomPaul Wafham, chief executive of Hockey Wales, was on his morning round near his home in the Morriston area of ​​Swansea when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He somehow managed to contact his wife via his watch, who took him to the hospital.

If your Apple Watch detects that you've been motionless for one minute, an emergency call will automatically be placed and a message with your location will be sent to your emergency contacts.

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