Apple may announce today ‘Mac Studio’ and ‘Studio Display’

Today’s Apple event could see the announcement of an all-new “Mac Studio” as well as a new standalone display, possibly called “Studio Display,” according to a variety of last-minute rumors and tweets from Apple. Bloomberg Mark Gorman.

The new Mac is said to be smaller than the Mac Pro, but more powerful than the Mac mini, which could make it a small, standalone computer aimed at professionals. The name “Mac Studio” first appeared in the . format Last week’s report from 9to5Mac. Meanwhile, the new screen (which can be “Studio Display” model is that 9to5Mac have reported) will run on iOS and be powered by one of Apple’s A-series chipsets, which are typically found in iPhones and iPads. The exact specifications of the display are unclear, as reports claim that Apple is working on both 5K and 7K models.

Gurman reports that both devices are “ready to go,” which is why he’s expecting an announcement today. But in a previous tweet, he mentioned that Apple is planning to release second subtraction Sometime in May or June, additional Macs could be released.

Ming Chi KuoAnother source of reliable Apple rumors, he also believes that Apple has a more powerful Mac mini on the way this year, which he believes will be joined by an “affordable” 27-inch display. However, his tweet did not say if he expected them to be announced this week, only indicating that he expects them to arrive sometime this year.

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Gurman’s Mac توقعات Predictions It dates back to January 2021, when he mentioned that Apple has a new Mac in development aimed at professionals and will be “half the size” of the current Mac Pro. “The design will feature a predominantly aluminum exterior and can evoke nostalgia Power Mac G4 Cube,” he wrote at the time.

In the same January 2021 article, Gorman also reports that Apple has begun developing a lower-priced alternative for $5,000 and $6,000. Pro Display XDR Targeted at consumers rather than professionals. In a tweet this week, Gurman reported that Apple may have two displays in development: a lower-end 5K model, and a 7K successor to the current Pro Display XDR. If Kuo and Gurman’s predictions are accurate, it looks like we may be on track to see the 5K model announced today.

The new external “Mac Studio” and “Studio Display” could be announced at an event that is expected to focus on a new 5G-capable iPhone SE, and will also feature an updated iPad Air with 5G support. here A full summary of what to expect.

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