Anthony Edwards promises new shoes for Micah Parsons, says Timberwolves will force Game 6 against Mavericks


Anthony Edwards and the Timberwolves avoided defeat to the Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals with a Game 4 win on Tuesday and will now head back to Minnesota. But, before returning home, Edwards promised to win Game 5 and return to Texas for Game 6 with a prominent Dallas fan: Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

Parsons He was in the building He’s wearing a Luka Doncic jersey, which ironically he paired with some Adidas AE1s – Edwards’ signature shoes. This did not go unnoticed by the Timberwolves star, who approached Parsons in the hallway after the game.

“What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to say we’re going to lose Game 5? No, I would never say that,” Edwards told reporters before leaving his post-game news conference.

“You know, Micah Parsons was wearing AE1 shoes and I told him he’s wearing a size 14, and I’m going to bring him back some nice shoes for Game 6. That’s what I told him.”

This isn’t the first time Edwards has promised a return to the contender scene. he He did the same during the Western Conference semifinals When the Nuggets took a 3-2 lead after Game 5 in Denver. At that point, Edwards was still confident his team would get the job done and told Ball Arena’s locker room staff that he would see them again in Game 7. Edwards kept his promise, and now hopes to do the same. In this series.

Despite trailing 3-1, the Timberwolves played a very close series and none of their losses were by double digits. But no team has been able to fully come back from a 3-0 deficit in the history of the tournament NBA Playoffs to win the series.

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The Timberwolves will host the Mavericks in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals on Thursday at 8:30 PM ET. A potential sixth game would be in Dallas on Saturday.

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