Another attack on Snake Island. Ukrainian journalist: All Russian soldiers are dead

“According to reports, all the Russian armed soldiers on the snake island were killed during the attack by the Ukrainian army. Before the attack, 8 soldiers left the island. They were deported from the island. The territory of Crimea” – writes journalist Roman Zimbaliuk on Facebook.

According to one of the evacuees, the command was aware that Ukrainian missiles could strike the island, but “no action was taken (except to remove a group)”.

As the journalist writes, there were soldiers from 1229 divisions of the intelligence center (Army Division 53189, Sevastopol) and 744 of the Black Sea Navy Communications Center (Army Division 40136, Sevastopol) on Snake Island. “At this time, the command of the Russian military considers that they are all missing,” he added.

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This is another attack on the Russian-occupied Snake Island in the Black Sea. One of the previous operations took place on Saturday, April 30, as announced by the Ukrainian Air Force command “South” on Facebook.

Earlier, last Tuesday, Ukrainian forces launched an offensive against Russian troops in the area. The attack destroyed the Streila-10 air defense system and damaged the command post.

Snake Island was famous in the early days of the war. A small island in the Black Sea covers an area of ​​0.205 square kilometers – 690 meters long and 560 meters wide. Until the outbreak of war, it was the site of the Ukrainian Border Guard. The first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the island It was attacked from the air and the sea.

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Ukrainian border guards stationed there did not lay down their arms to warn of the approaching fire. As the Russian warship approached Snake Island, its crew called on the Ukrainians to surrender. The Ukrainians asked: “This is a Russian warship. Put down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary casualties. Otherwise you will be bombed.”

A Ukrainian border guard responded: “Russian warship, ch ** go inside”.

Source: Facebook, Onet / ww

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