Anna Delvi complains and laments her fate. “I regret many decisions”

Anna Sorokin was born in Moscow, but at the age of 15 she moved to Germany with her father and changed her name to Delvi. He interned at the French magazine “Purple” and later moved to the magazine’s New York office. It was there that he penetrated the world of New York’s upper class, where he found rich and influential friends.

Delvi was arrested in 2017 and the media called him the “Soho Trickster”. Two years later, a court found him guilty of second-degree theft and theft of services for creating falsified bank statements to obtain a $22 million loan. And a total of 275 thousand fraud. hole Delvi spent 3.5 years in prison out of a 4-year sentence. After his release, he was immediately detained by the immigration office due to an invalid visa.

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In a recent interview, the fraudster expressed regret after trying to build an elite club in New York by pretending to be a rich heiress. “I regret a lot of decisions I’ve made in the past,” he told Variety magazine. “I didn’t make the best choices. My mistakes are public and I will have to live with them forever.

“Just because I haven’t looked back, I’m not saying everything I did was right,” Delvy said. “I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve paid full restitution and legal fees. I’ve never had a public defender. I’ve never taken money from the government. Nobody pays my rent. Nobody pays for anything. So guys, what else can I do?” she asked in the same interview. .

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