Angels, Diamondbacks, Reds and Tigers oppose luxury MLB tax increase – The Athletic

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to add a comment from A MLB Official Spokesperson on CBT’s recent proposal to the league.

New York – Four Major League Baseball owners – Bob Castellini from redsChris Ilitch from tigersKen Kendrick from Diamondbacks Art Moreno from Angels Three people have objected to raising the competitive balance tax to levels the league recently proposed, and three people have been made aware of an owner-level call held this week for The Athletic. MLB went ahead with the proposal anyway, moving its bid on the first threshold to $220 million — $10 million up from where it was in 2021, and $6 million from its previous bid, but still well short of the players’ demand of $238 million.

luxury tax growth rate Not keeping pace with overall revenue growth In sports, which makes it one of the main interests of the players.

The resistance of the four owners at least reveals some hardliners likely to influence the single most contentious issue in the negotiations that have already cost the sports. One person briefed on the call noted that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, a hawk in the 1994-1995 dispute, was not among those who stood in the way. Not all small-market owners—owners who would in theory be more disadvantaged than the increase in the luxuries tax, which curbs upscale spending—opposed the increase either.

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