Angela Merkel: Putin should be taken seriously

During the interview, Merkel talked about how, among others, one feels “private”. However, much of the conversation was devoted to the issue Russian invasion of Ukraine And his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Conversations with Putin

The former head of the CDU admitted last year that he had tried to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about a new European security order. However, as he pointed out, the Russian leader did not want to raise the issue further.

– On the one hand, Putin is no longer ready for the Normandy-style summit. On the other hand, I have failed to develop an additional Euro-Russian format for discussing the European defense order with the Normandy format, Merkel agreed.

The former president announced his readiness to mediate in resolving the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, he noted that this issue has not been raised at present. He acknowledged that their withdrawal was a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“My departure may have contributed to this, as well as the elections in France, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the stagnation in the implementation of the Minsk Accords,” he said.

The helpless position of the principal

Merkel also acknowledged the helplessness she felt at the end of her tenure as president.

“It was clear I would no longer be in office, so I have to say that various attempts over the past year have failed,” he said.

Merkel also warned European politicians to take Putin seriously. His brutal attack on Ukraine was a turning point in Europe’s post – war history, with many years of repercussions. For this reason, Merkel supported her successor Olaf Scholz (SPD) policy.

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“I believe it is right for the West to act for the sake of Ukraine without becoming part of a direct military conflict,” he said.

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