Android Auto redesign adds split screen mode to all displays

At Google I/O 2022, Android Auto is Getting Split screen mode lets you always see the navigation and media controls, while this redesign can adapt to any screen size and is especially ideal for those with older cars with smaller screens. This comes at a time when Android Auto is now available on more than 150 million vehicles worldwide.

Android Auto redesign

This redesign – codenamed “Cool WalkAdapts to any screen size in your Android Auto compatible car. Using three cards, the largest of which is for mapping and navigation. You always see music, podcasts, and other audio controls, while the third window offers contextual suggestions from the Assistant that can be scrolled through.

It can display anything from an analog material you watch with the date, the expected arrival time of a flight that can be quickly shared with contacts, incoming text notifications (although it still appears as an overhead banner), and missed calls. When you receive messages, Google will let you respond with on-screen reply suggestions, including emojis or your voice.

The other essential component of this user interface is a bar that notes the time, your phone’s signal, and battery status, as well as buttons to open the app’s network, notifications, and the assistant. This bar appears either at the bottom of the screen or is docked to the left. The map prefers the right side or at the top of the vertical displays.

The adaptive interface, available this summer, allows those with 5- or 6-inch screens on older cars to try out split-screen mode, and multitasking isn’t limited to wide screens. like the previous. Meanwhile, Google is getting future-proof Android Auto with this redesign as screens in cars become more ubiquitous.

Android Automotive Operating System

On Android Automotive’s custom interface, Google has repeated it YouTube is comingTubi TV and Epix are also planning to release video streaming apps. You’ll also be able to send content from your phone to the car’s screen, as Google puts this as ideal when charging or waiting for curbside pickup.

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