Android 15 wallpaper picker may let you share AI wallpapers

Android 15 Beta 3 introduces a new wallpaper picker that may let you share AI wallpapers you’ve created on the Pixel 8+.

Android 15’s wallpaper picker/editor does a better job of differentiating between the lock screen and the home screen through a card-based UI. Tapping will take you to a full-screen preview — without the two buttons at the bottom — where you can zoom in/out to adjust.

Tap the check mark in the upper-right corner to return to card view. “Set wallpaper” is the final step with the ability to choose whether you want to apply it to both surfaces or just one surface in particular. As before, you can repeat the process to set independent wallpapers. (This process would benefit from a little simplification.)

This new card UI is especially nice on the Pixel Fold for showing the internal screen preview.

When Interacting with AI Wallpapers (h/t @the_husbandalorian On Topics), you’ll notice the Pen and Share buttons at the bottom. The editing icon is an existing capability to quickly change the prompt, but sharing is new for these generative wallpapers. The capability already exists in Emoji Workshop, and will meet huge demand from users.

As of Beta 3, you can open the system share sheet, but the wallpaper file cannot be downloaded or uploaded now.

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