Android 14 allows you to easily check if an unknown object tracker is tracking you or not

Last updated: August 11, 2023 at 10:32 UTC+02:00

After last month’s announcement, Google is rolling out the “Unknown Tracker Alerts” feature for Android users. Thanks to this alert notification, Android users will know if someone has placed an unknown tracker on them. Also, the Unknown Tracker Alert will be sent when another person’s tracking device is separated from it and found to be traveling with another person.

To see if the system works on your Android device, you need to head over to Settings > Safety & Emergency (on Android 12 and later) or Personal safety (on Android 11 or earlier). Here, Android users will see a new list of “Unknown Tracker Alerts”. Google is rolling out this new feature via Google Play Services on devices running Android 6.0 (or later).

Tracker alerts will be automatically deleted after 48 hours

according to 9To5GoogleThe feature is currently on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the US and other regions. As of now, it only detects Apple AirTags. However, that is expected to change in the near future. Notably, the Allow Alerts option will be enabled by default, with Google reminding that if you turn this feature off, “Your phone no longer automatically searches for trackers that travel with you.

Moreover, previously deleted trackers will be deleted immediately. Users can perform a 10-second manual scan at any time, and these scan results will not be saved. Google specifically notes that while trackers could show up during a normal scan, that didn’t mean they were traveling with you. according to Official Android support pageYour location data is encrypted on your device and is not shared with Google or third parties.

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Google Android Unknown Tracker Alerts options

Once you click on the “Tracker Traveling With You” notification, a map will appear to display your travel history. You can play a sound to track it, which will also notify the owner. Pressing the Next Steps option gives you various safety instructions on what to do if you’re flagged with a tracker, which includes taking a screenshot of the map as tracker alerts are deleted after 48 hours. You will also find instructions on how to turn off the tracker by removing the battery.

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