An ultimatum to Israel’s prime minister. The minister demands a plan to end the conflict

Gantz’s six-point plan, which he says must be adopted by June 8, outlines Israel’s current and strategic goals. The minister lists bringing hostages home, overthrowing the Hamas government and demilitarizing the Gaza Strip and returning residents to areas hit by Hamas on October 7.

Ganc strongly opposes the two-state solution proposed by the US and the UN. He proposed that Israel should provide security in the Gaza Strip instead of Israel and Palestine, which would “create an international civil governance mechanism in the Gaza Strip in cooperation with the United States, Europe, Arab countries and nations. The Palestinians have no alternative to this solution,” the former chief stressed.

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The minister called for “progress in normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia as part of a comprehensive process to build an alliance with the free world and the West against Iran and its allies.”

– We will pursue Hamas and all our enemies in every situation, everywhere and at all times, he declared, stressing that “Israel is only responsible for its own security.”

“We will not allow any external power, friendly or hostile, to impose a Palestinian state on us,” he said.

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