An influential Russian businessman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. He fell in love with Putin and built an apartment before him

Dmitry Mikhailchenko was sentenced by a court-martial in Moscow on Tuesday The judges found him guilty of large-scale embezzlement of budget funds. Interfox also said it was creating a criminal group in 2011 that stole 1.2 billion rubles in 2014-2015. At that time, the contract for the construction of Vladimir Putin’s house in Novo-Okario was signed.

The cost of the construction project, incl. The guest house, hotel and garage next to the apartment in Novo-Okario is 5.7 billion rubles. “During its operation, there were serious violations: some work was not completed, the price of ventilation equipment and air conditioners increased several times, and natural granite was replaced by cheaper materials” – reports the RBK portal.

In early June, we wrote it The lawyer demanded that Michaelchenko should have a high security sentence colony of 20 yearsNow the judges have accepted this request.

Dmitry Michelsenko is a Petersburg businessman Owner of Forum Holding Company. He also handles construction industries and weaving mills. His assets are valued at up to 18 billion rubles.

According to the Meduza portal, Michalchenko was involved in special services, which he wanted to do business with retired General Nikolai Nikotov of the Federal Security Service.

In 2016, he heard allegations that alcohol was being smuggled into Russia from several EU countries. Two years later, Michelsenko was sentenced to four years in prison in the maximum security prison.

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Source: Meduza, Interfax

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