Amy Schumer addresses Kristen Dunst joke about seat fillers after receiving backlash online

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Amy Schumer eat Oscars The joke she said wasn’t good with the viewers at home.

Schumer took to her Instagram story on Monday to explain her decision to date the actress Kirsten Dunst As a “seat filler”.

Schumer wrote, “Hi, I appreciate Kirsten Dunst’s love. I love her too! It was part of the dance she’s been into.” “I will not respect that queen like that.”

Schumer joked at the 94th Academy Awards that Dunst, who was sitting with her husband and “Power of Dog” co-star Jesse Plemons, had been working on seat fillers.

Amy Schumer confirmed that Kristen Dunst was into a seat-filler joke at the Oscars that left viewers unhappy.

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“This is a seat filler,” Schumer told the camera, while explaining the concept to viewers. “Honey, do you want to go to the bathroom?”

humorist Then Dunst took his place and began a conversation with Plemons.

“Jesse, I loved you in Dog Power,” Schumer said. “You know, that was my wife, Amy,” Plemons replied.

“You are married to this seat filler?” she answered.

Schumer Dunst called a "seat padding" and removed her from her seat.

Schumer dubbed Dunst a “seat filler” and removed her from her seat.

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Fans quickly took to Twitter to criticize the comedian’s joke.

“Kirsten Dunst didn’t set Tom Cruise on fire at age 11 for Amy Schumer to call it a seat filler!” single user Wrote.

“Please never invite Amy Schumer to an awards show again…why would she use Ukraine and transgender people as a starting point..then describe Kirsten Dunst as a seat filler in front of her husband? Oh, she needs SMACK,” another user knock in.

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Viewers at home criticized Schumer for disrespecting the Academy Award-nominated actress.

Viewers at home criticized Schumer for disrespecting the Academy Award-nominated actress.

“Let’s not forget Amy Schumer by removing Academy-nominated actress Kirsten Dunst from her seat and calling her a bit of a ‘seat filler. I’m so sick of jokes at the expense of women. The whole show was cheap. Boo,'” another user added.

Dunst was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance in “The Power of a Dog”.

Schumer has also received criticism for her joke about Jennifer Lawrence’s weight gain. The comedian was referring to the actress’ pregnancy, but viewers didn’t enjoy this joke either.

“Why Amy Schumer Made A Comment About Jennifer Lawrence’s Weight Like It Was Nothing,” one user books online.

“Anyway, the real enemy last night was Amy Schumer. Jennifer Lawrence had to slap her to make comments about her weight and what I was going to bat an eyelid,” He said.

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