America. The suspect in the murder of three Ohio sons had been planning to kill them for months

32-year-old Chad Dorman, who planned to kill his three sons in June of this year, had been planning to do so since October of last year, the media wrote. Journalists have access to court documents detailing the heinous crime.

“This is the most serious crime on our books, judge,” Clermont County Deputy District Attorney David Gast said during his first appearance in court. Clermont County Chief Prosecutor Mark Tekulve insisted, “This is a death penalty case.” “My aim is to hang him for killing that boy. This is unfathomable horror,’ he said.

On July 14, the local Ohio-based WCPO website, which is affiliated with the ABC station, released content from court documents that show 32-year-old Chad Dorman, accused of murdering his three sons, planned the crime for months. “During the recorded hearing, the accused gave a statement in which he admitted that he had thought about shooting his sons since October,” the detailed testimony said. The website also says the 32-year-old didn’t sleep for three or four days before the murders because “the thought of killing his sons was so overwhelming to him.”

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Three sons were brutally murdered

Three boys, ages 3, 4 and 7, were killed in Monroe Township, Ohio on June 15. WCPO, citing court documents, lays out the sequence of events leading up to the crime. Chad Dorman was about to come home from work earlier than usual when he asked his wife and three boys to join him for a nap in the master bedroom. When the family moved into this room, the man’s 12-year-old stepdaughter had a TV in the family room. After the Doerman family fell asleep, Doerman took a gun from the safe, loaded the magazine, returned to the bedroom, and then shot his son a couple of times. The awake wife is said to have tried to help the child and shouted at the other sons to run away. Moments later, shots were fired in the direction of one of the fleeing boys.

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The stepdaughter tried to save the third brother and carried the boy out of the house. However, the doorman was to catch up with them shortly after. He tried to shoot, but the gun did not fire, so the boy ran to his mother, who began to fight with her husband. The woman bit him and grabbed the gun, but managed to shoot it through the 32-year-old’s thumb. This caused the doorman to drop his son shortly after, who was about to shoot him in the head. According to the documents, the man sat on the porch and watched his wife try to save their sons.

Suspected of murdering 21 sons

Doerman was arrested at the scene, the sheriff’s office said. Servants found him sitting on the steps of the house. So far, his motives have not been revealed, but court documents show he admitted to police that he had been planning the murders for “months.”

The 32-year-old has been charged with a total of 21 charges – nine of premeditated murder, eight of kidnapping and four of aggravated assault. Doerman is innocent; The judge ordered bail set at $20 million.

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