America. Sajfullo Sajbov. Islamic extremist who killed eight people gets 10 life sentences and 260 years in prison

Islamic extremist Sayfullo Saypov, 35, was sentenced in New York to 10 life sentences and 260 years in prison. In one terrorist attack, he drove a truck into a bicycle lane, killing eight people.

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The massacre took place on Halloween 2017 in Manhattan. Saipov carried out the attack on behalf of the Islamic State (IS) group.

“The handling of this case is one of the worst, if not the worst, I have ever seen assessed federal District Judge Vernon S. Broderick.

The life sentence was mandated after a jury rejected the death penalty in March, but prosecutors asked for 10 life sentences for Broderick. They also wanted an additional sentence of 260 years to send a strong message to other like-minded terrorists Emphasized AP.

He was shouting in Arabic God is great

On the attack Five Argentine tourists, two Americans and a Belgian woman were killed18 others were seriously injured. A police officer shot and killed the terrorist who got out of the truck shouting in Arabic God is great.

Sajbov, originally from Uzbekistan, entered the United States legally in 2010. He is a resident of New Jersey.

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