America. Pentagon restricts support to Ukraine “We are forced to”

Singh said during an online press conference. The Pentagon has so far used 95 percent. with $62.3 billionHe received support for Ukraine from the beginning of the war.

Published, among others: All funds allocated to the Ukraine Defense Assistance Initiative program, under which the US buys weapons for Ukrainian forces. The ministry still has the authority to replace military equipment from its own resources Approximately USD 5 billion.But only 1 billion to replenish its own arsenal.

– As a result, we are forced to moderate our support for Ukraine – the spokesman said, in this situation, the weapons packages transferred to Ukraine are becoming smaller. – Urgent need approval and Congressional adoption of this package continues to grow – she insisted.

Singh noted later this month The next meeting of the Liaison Committee on Security of Ukraine will be held.

Pentagon restricts support to Ukraine He called for a vote on the new packages

In October, the White House turned to Congress To accept an additional USD 106 billion package related to support for UkraineIsrael, Indo-Pacific countries and border security.

About 61 billion of this amount will be allocated to help UkraineAbout PLN 40 billion of this is for military spending, including buying weapons for Ukraine, replenishing its own stockpiles, increasing ammunition production, and further increasing the presence of US forces in the east. This amount should be sufficient till the end of the current financial year i.e. end of September 2024.

However, as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ben Gardin acknowledged, Work on the issue has been delayed and Congress cannot do it before the November 17 deadlineWhen the current temporary budget expires and Congress adopts a new short-term budget.

The main obstacle is the resistance of a significant part House Republicans on economic support for UkraineAnd in the Senate, Republicans want President Biden to toughen his immigration policy during negotiations on the package.

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