America. Hypersonic weapons go to Germany. “More reach”

The White House announced Wednesday that the United States will begin sending long-range missiles to Germany, including hypersonic missiles, SM-6 and Tomahawk missiles. This includes, among others: a response to Russia’s deployment of Iskander missiles in Belarus.

“The US will begin deploying sporadic fire weapons in Germany in 2026 long distance (…) as part of the projects Permanent position These funds in the future,” the US and German governments said in a statement on the deal.

Germany will be strengthened by powerful weapons. “Integrated Prevention”

As added, Eventually, the SM-6, Tomahawk missiles and the still-developed hypersonic weapon will be stationed in Germany., which will have a “significantly longer range” than missiles currently in use. According to the White House, this is to show America’s commitment to NATO and its contribution to Europe “Integrated deterrence“.

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Wednesday’s announcement is to fulfill the declarations of the delegates White House Before NATO summit About Russia’s “significant strengthening of the deterrent factor” in Europe.

In response to Russia’s actions

This will also be This is the first deployment of US missiles at this range since the Russian invasion. This is also an answer Russia deploys Iskander missiles in Belarus and Königsberg region.

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The SM-6 is the primary missile used among others. Inside Anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system The Aegis, while the Tomahawk is a cruise missile with a range of 2.5 thousand. km

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