America. A premature baby was abandoned on the road. “I saw two little legs moving”

A couple from Texas, USA, were walking when they found their newborn baby abandoned on the road. “I was shocked, angry and sad,” the woman who saw the child told local media. According to the police, the girl was a premature baby. A search is on for the man who abandoned him.

The girl was found wrapped in a blanket with her umbilical cord in the city of Katy, about 50 km east of Houston, on Saturday. According to doctors, the baby was born on the same day, around nine o’clock local time, and was born prematurely. The abandoned baby was spotted by a family walking their dogs in the area. The child was taken to a hospital and is in good condition, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a post on Portal X.

The sheriff is appealing for help in finding a man suspected of abandoning a child. He was young and slim, with fair skin and dark hair, wearing a Saturday morning black shirt and gray pants. The man could be charged with abandonment and child endangerment, police said.

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I thought, “Oh my God, baby, baby!”

In the following days, the case of the abandoned newborn was publicized in the media. Daniela Fedale, who spotted the girl on the trail, told KHOU television that she went for a walk with her husband and daughter early Saturday morning to “avoid the heat.” The woman noticed the newborn as her three-year-old rode towards her bike. I noticed two little legs moving. My husband was standing behind me with the dogs and I yelled at him. I thought, “Oh my God, baby, baby!” – Fedele said. – And then my husband said, “Call 911, call 911,” and that’s what we did.

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He insisted that he did not understand how to abandon the child. – This vision is still in my mind, I ask myself: How can you do this?! “I was shocked, angry and upset,” Fedele said.

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