Amber Heard’s old interview appears again, contradicting her testimony against Johnny Depp

HEither Amber Heard suffers from amnesia or her legal team is actually feeding her a fake script in her favor against Johnny Depp in Experience. In her initial statement, Heard described not knowing anything about her Johnny Depp Before meeting him on the set of “The Rum Diary”.

However, new evidence points to the exact opposite and confirms Depp’s own statement about how they met. For Johnny, Amber is remembered as an offshoot of him because she was constantly tempting him with references and compliments. This is what made him fall in love with her during this production. In that old interview, Amber Heard talked about how much she respects Depp.

But the initial statement about Johnny Depp in this trial ignored her acquaintance with Depp before she played the co-star. Very obviously her legal team told her to say it, but they are once again cursing themselves with re-emerging videos like this one. SheKnows Youtube interviewed Amber Heard in 2011 when press releases took place at The Rum Diary.

Take a look at how Heard was excited about getting a chance to share screen time with such a famous actor. She obviously had a hypomania about it but suddenly forgot? These two aspects of Amber Heard’s stories do not match each other.

When will the trial return?

After Thursday’s activities, the discrimination trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took a 10-day break. We won’t be able to see these two celebrities continue their televised drama until May 16th because the judge has an obligation to attend.

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In the meantime, more stories about these two things will surely continue to emerge and likely paint a better picture about who the main culprit is. However, there is evidence that both sides have repeatedly abused each other. Johnny Depp is also guilty of some of these accusations, but knowing the ultimate truth is getting harder every minute.

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