Amazon is offering early March 10th sale on popular Nintendo Switch games

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It may not be March 10 for a few more days, but that doesn’t stop retailers like Amazon from offering Mario Day deals early. Ahead of Friday, the company teased a few Nintendo Switch titles that feature the mustachioed plumber. For example, It’s 33 percent off, which makes it $40 right now. while, It’s $39 currently, down from $60. Since discounts on first-party Nintendo games are rare, this is a great opportunity to fill up your Switch library.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

In honor of Mario Day, Amazon is discounting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and other first-party Nintendo Switch titles by up to 35 percent.

Amazon also lowered the price, which was released recently . After 50 percent off, you can get your Tactics RPG for just $30. If you have slept Sparks of hope, it’s one of the best Switch exclusives in recent memory. Outside of these games, it looks like Amazon will be discounting other Mario titles, incl And , closer to March 10th. So stay tuned for discounts on those games if you’ve been waiting to get them.

Last but not least, Amazon has also lowered the price . The Mario Collection is $60, down from $100, after 40 percent off. home circuit It allows you to create custom racetracks around your home and then race around them with a camera-equipped kart driven by Mario or Luigi.

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