All unreleased GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties vehicles

All currently unreleased vehicles that are part of the GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update have been revealed by a community member @NeedForMadnessA. We also have some additional photos thanks @Lucas7yoshi_RS. All of these vehicles will be coming to all current GTA Online platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series

Prices for these vehicles have not been revealed yet but we have the category they belong to. Below are all the vehicles that will be drip-fed over the next few weeks and months.

Unreleased vehicles

Canis castigator

The Canis Castigator is part of the SUV category.

Police raise the Impaler’s classification to LX

The Police Declasse Impaler LX is an emergency class based vehicle.

Pegasi Fagio Sport Pizza

The Pegassi Faggio Sport Pizza is a pizza-themed motorcycle. This is also used in upcoming Pizza Boy missions.

Donor Forschlaghammer

The Benefactor Vorschlaghammer will be part of the sedan segment.

Dominator Vapid

The Vapid Dominator will be part of the compact vehicle segment.

Vaped Dominator Cruiser

The Vapid Dominator Cruiser is a variation of the above vehicle and is an emergency class vehicle.

When these compounds are released through a typical drip system, we’ll cover them all here on RockstarINTEL. Until then, it’s time to earn some cash to buy these vehicles!

This summer’s GTA Online update is titled Bottom dollar rewards Centered around Maude Eccles’ dollar bail enforcement work. Players will participate in ownership of the setting and perform bounty hunting actions.

This update will include several new law enforcement vehicles that you can use in LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger’s Dispatch Work. We can see a few of them in the trailer that Rockstar created for this new content.

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Also part of the update are Drift/Drag Races in Creator Mode, new vehicles, expanded drifting, and gameplay improvements. We will have all the details and patch notes on this site.

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