Alexander Lukashenko: Poland and the West do not allow their people to go to Belarus because they will see that we have salt, they do not

The dictatorship in Belarus is responsible for the well-being of its citizens. Alexander Lukashenko made such a statement while speaking to employees of state-owned farms in the Homal region. Let’s look at the speech In the telegram.

Lukashenko told visitors that Belarus had opened its borders just before Easter to visit the graves of their loved ones from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Authorities in neighboring countries have banned their citizens from traveling to Belarus, Lukashenko said, because they could travel to Belarus for salt not available in their home country.

– People come to us, they buy salt. They have no salt! Great, rich West, but no salt! No matter what people say about Belarusians living a normal life, they never let them out. That is all democracy! – Said Lukashenko.

The Belarusian president also recalled that he was often criticized for establishing a dictatorship in the country. – Thank God we have dictatorship. They always criticized me: dictatorship and dictatorship. But in this dictatorship, we have an order. If we do not have a dictatorship, we will be treated like beggars – Lukashenko said.

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