Alexander Lukashenko is reported missing. A decisive step by the dictator

Yesterday, independent Russian TV channel Dojd reported that Lukashenko’s health was deteriorating. A sudden collapse in this pattern is said to have occurred during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Astana.. The Belarusian dictator was very pale and his speech slurred. However, the website did not provide any details, and there was no official confirmation of the disease from Belarus. However, during a meeting in Alexandria on Saturday, July 6, Lukashenko implicitly admitted that his health had deteriorated.

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Lukashenko: This is a difficult time for the president

According to Nasha Niva, Alexander Lukashenko said that the past few days were very difficult for him and that he wanted to spend some time in eastern Belarus.

– He admitted that July is always a difficult time for the President, with many mass events and crowds. – And the hardest thing is that when there are a lot of people, everyone is looking at you, looking for something in you, swearing somewhere – the dictator admitted. He also recalled that “there was an additional burden associated with Kazakhstan, Astana, 4,000 kilometers away.”

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