Aircraft willing to trade first-round picks

Jets can be added to the list of teams wishing to participate in a major venture capital project this year. Director general Joe Douglas Emphasize that the team’s top two picks are not necessarily off the table.

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Douglas said when asked about the availability of the fourth and tenth overall choices, “It depends who we are talking about. If this is the right opportunity, we will consider any deal.” (Twitter Link via Conor Hughes from The Athlete).

Douglas recently stated that the team would “hit” if they had the opportunity to upgrade their future legion – something that happened last week of course just in case. Trek Hill. While All Pro said after arriving in Miami that New York was not considered Regarding signing the extension, his exit from Kansas City demonstrated Douglas’ willingness to trade in exchange for established talent.

While there isn’t a pair of top 10 picks on the Jets’ Hill show, it could be if another important step becomes available. This follows similar lines of thinking announced in preparation for the April draft. no black And the giants They stated that their picks (second, and fifth/seventh, respectively) could be on the move under the right conditions. In a draft category that was praised more for its depth than for its stellar power, that’s no surprise, but Douglas’ comments are noteworthy nonetheless.

Heading into their 4-13 season in 2021, the Jets will certainly have room to add influential rising players with their current selection roster. Between now and the draft, this mix of selections could see some significant changes.

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