Ahsoka season 2 is officially in development

It's official: Ahsoka Season 2 is in development.

Disney confirmed the news on Tuesday morning While announcing That Jon Favreau will direct the all-new Star Wars movie, The Mandalorian & Grogu. Oddly enough, the confirmation is somewhat buried in Favreau's announcement, with Disney adding near the end, “The Mandalorian & Grogu will lead Lucasfilm's ongoing film development slate, including films directed by Charmaine Obaid-Chinoy, James Mangold, and Dave.” Filoni, who is also currently developing Ahsoka Season 2, is among those working.”

Despite speculation that a second season of Ahsoka will be on the way, especially given Dave Filoni's recent promotion within Lucasfilm, this is Disney's first official confirmation of a sequel.

Ahsoka Season 2 was last teased over the course of the afternoon Vanity gallery The profile that revealed Filoni's aforementioned promotion as chief creative officer at Lucasfilm. At the time, the profile only said it was “exploring” a second season, while star Rosario Dawson added that Disney hadn't said anything “official” about it.

“For a while now, especially now with the strike and everything, no one can say anything,” Dawson said in November. “But he said [Filoni] He was working on the outlines. So, we'll see.”

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The expanding future of Star Wars

Tuesday morning suddenly ended up being a Main One for Star Wars fans. Along with the Ahsoka Season 2 news, Disney also revealed Favreau's brand-new Star Wars movie pretty much out of nowhere. They noted in the announcement that it will go into production this year, and will also be produced by Filoni and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

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It's worth noting that Favreau's film will not replace Filoni's previously announced film, which was revealed alongside Obaid-Chinoy and Mangold's projects at last year's Star Wars Celebration. And with today's news about Ahsoka Season 2, it's hard to overstate just how much of a creative influence Filoni has had on the future of Star Wars.

Star Wars stays pretty busy elsewhere on TV, too. 2024 will see the premieres of new Star Wars shows The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew, as well as Season 3 of The Bad Batch and Season 2 of Tales of the Jedi. However, the highly anticipated second season of Andor is likely not on this year's schedule. Due to the delayed strike of writers and actors.

For more, check out my conversation with Favreau and Filoni at last year's Star Wars Celebration below:

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