“Age is just a number”. Joe Biden Congratulates Donald Trump

– Happy 78th birthday, Donald. Advice from one old boy to another: Age is a number, Joe Biden wrote to his political rival on his birthday. At the same time, he slammed him and reminded him of all the shortcomings during his presidency.

On Friday Joe Biden wishes Donald Trump a happy birthday. The current president did not shy away from sarcasm and made several comments about the two candidates running for the upcoming election being too old.

“Happy 78th birthday, Donald. Advice from one old man to another: Age is a number. This election is a choice,” wrote Joe Biden on the X platform.

Are Joe Biden and Donald Trump Too Old for the Presidency?

Biden’s post wasn’t just about birthday wishes. The president also shared a video comparing his accomplishments to actions and comments made or said by Trump. Among the topics discussed: reports on taxes, immigrants or global warming.

Donald Trump, at 78, believes it At 81, Biden is too old to be president. He has repeatedly said that Joe Biden should win because he can’t do his job, because he “doesn’t know what’s going on around him.”

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Citizens of the United States adopt this concept, as follows ABC News/Ipsos poll It was held in February this year. Up to 86 percent of respondents believe Biden is too old to serve another term as president.

59 percent of Americans think so Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for the presidency.

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The poll came after Robert Hurr described Biden as “an old man with good intentions and a bad memory.” Last year, a lawyer investigated whether Joe Biden was handling documents properly at the White House. Harr sees no contradictions, however He expressed doubts about the President’s memory.

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If Donald Trump wins the election, he will Oldest president at inauguration, at 78 years and 219 days, beating Biden’s previous record of 78 years and 61 days. If Biden wins, he will break his own record on Inauguration Day. Then he will be 82 years and 61 days old.

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