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So of course I’m not alone in predicting the death of the Chiefs – as it turns out about 76% of people choose this game for the money like the Bengals! This is even more appealing as CBS Sports reported that “Mahomes has been favored in all of his previous 12 playoff appearances. This is the longest streak to start a career in power era.”

You know what this means, right? We’re all going down!

At least we have each other! All 76% of us!

Who will win this thing?

As if Sensei wasn’t already bouncing back on the news that he had long sought after Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project They’ll finally move forward, just wait until they book a second straight Super Bowl after beating the Chiefs, once again, in their own backyard. I like the Bengals in something of a icing on the cake, 31-21, with Mahomes having a difficult walk on one leg.

what you say? Well, reader Bill Preston writes:

I think that would be one wild twist. The Bengals will start strong, and get a proper stomp through the first three quarters, but the Chiefs have strength in depth and, most of all, grit. They’ll put together clever plays, along with exciting slams and steal this game.

So we agree to disagree, and that’s okay!

Eagles in!

Read all about it!

Never make him angry…

Just in case you didn’t think all that “Burrowhead” stuff wasn’t making a mark there, well, just listen to Chase Jones’ indomitable defensive style:

I don’t think you want to give Mr. Jones something to be angry about. Especially when his impact on defense has a lot to do with who wins this match.

Mahomes (Brittany) and the Mayor

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Meanwhile, as if the tension between these two teams wasn’t enough, Pat Mahomes’ wife Brittany got in on the jeers of Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval, who drew attention for a ridiculous pre-game video in which he said:

“While Joseph Lee Burroughs… who was 3-0 against Mahomes was required by officials to take a paternity test…to confirm whether or not he was his father.”

That had a lead balloon effect on the Internet, and so on Hizzoner asked mulligan for something. Brittany was definitely not a pop.


Hey folks, and welcome to our coverage of the NFL Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs. It’s hard to argue against being the best in the AFC, so there’s a lot to look forward to over the next few hours. When it’s over, we’ll know who faces off against the soon-to-be NFC champ, the Philadelphia Eagles He currently directs the San Francisco 49ersat Super Bowl LVII on February 12 in Arizona.

We’re incredibly close to learning the true health of centrist leader Pat Mahomes II. KC’s drive has been sluggish in practice this week thanks to a sprained ankle suffered against the Jaguars last week. Mahomes dug in against a young, inexperienced Jacksonville team, but turning that trick against those Bengals would be significantly more difficult. Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters, “He looks good. He moves well,” but he wouldn’t come out and say he’s a “useless lame.” So here’s what we know: They’re going to inject him with as much pain-killing serum as possible to keep him on the field and working, and that the Bengals will take any shot they can into Mahomes’ aching right ankle. These are the risks.

Meanwhile, Bengals QB Joe Burrow has the momentum of a franchise-record season behind him, one in which he set the Cincinnati mark with 35 touchdown throws this season. Burrow also has a 3-0 record against these Chiefs and is probably one of the most confident players on the planet right now. He also has better wide receivers than Mahomes, with the capable trio of Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins. Mahomes has tight end Travis Kelsey, who’s had a Monsters season running inside the best offense in the NFL. However, it’s also worth noting what he doesn’t have anymore: Tyreek Hill.

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Here’s the QB situation: We’ll look at some of the other fun factors leading up to the kickoff, but for now, settle down and grab your drink, and if you like, send me a message. tweet me Or email me your predictions, feelings and thoughts and I will make you famous!

David will be here soon. In the meantime, here’s a preview of tonight’s match.

AFC Championship game (Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday 6.30pm EST / 11.30pm BST)

Season story: The Kansas City Chiefs went 14-3 in the regular season, thus earning the all-important bye week in the AFC. In the first postseason game, they Jacksonville Jaguars defeated 27-20 Although quarterback Patrick Mahomes sprained his ankle during the game and missed part of the second quarter. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals, who upset the Chiefs in the AFC title game last year, had to take the scenic route after going 12-4 in the regular season. that they The Baltimore Ravens were defeated 24-17 at home More impressively, it took on the Buffalo Bills on the road and beat them 27-10.

What the Bengals need to do to win: The offensive line must prove that Great performance against the bills It was no accident. On Sunday, Cincinnati’s O-line team did a great job protecting Burrow, who has only been sacked once. it’s a Not sure Whether Alex Capa or Jonah Williams return, so their support may need a repeat performance against a defense that is better prepared than the Bills.

What bosses need to do to win: Mahomes needs to be at least 80% of his best. It was great when Mahomes came back in the second half against the Jaguars with a sprained ankle and led the Chiefs to victory, but if he’s still faltering, the Bengals who’ve been in that position before will be hard to beat.

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Key Bengals Player: Joe Burrow, QB. Let’s not think about this. Boro had 35 touchdowns in the regular season, tied for second place, and 4,475 passing yards. He’s also only in his third season as a pro although his playoff success makes one think he’s been around for longer. It is very likely that we are in some way underestimating Burrow.

Chiefs Head Player: Chris Jones, D.T. If it comes down to running a chief defenseman against the Bengals’ offense, Jones could end up being the difference-maker. In the 2022 regular season, Jones had 15 and a half sacks even though, oddly enough, he had After one in the playoffs throughout his career. Sunday would be the perfect time for his first time.

Prediction: We’ll be sitting on bosses. If Mahomes is healthy, it’s going to be tough to pick the bosses in the house despite the fact that it is He is 1-3 against the Cincinnati Borough In his career, incl This unforgettable breakdown During last year’s Asian Championship match. However, it doesn’t look like it will be, so there is a very real possibility that his record could drop to 1-4. Either way, we could see one of the NFL’s great rivalries unfold before us.

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