Activists over 16-year-old Sudanese trapped at border Border Patrol responded: #StopDisinformation

In recent weeks, the number of attempts by migrants to illegally cross the Polish border with Belarus has increased again. Border guards insist that the recent migrants are mainly men between the ages of 20 and 40. In just one month it was reported at the civilian border From 40 countries in Africa and Asia.

The foggy weather that has hit Poland in recent days has not been conducive to people trying to cross the border illegally.

The Ocalenie Foundation posted on its Twitter on Saturday morning, “Free help for refugees and asylum seekers, migrants and refugees, repatriates and repatriates”. The story of “a lonely sixteen-year-old boy from Sudan” was found near Sokolka at 4am.

“He is in trouble, his shoes are frozen on his feet and cannot be taken off. When the ambulance we called to take him away, the thermometer shows -9 degrees” – we read in the post posted around 9.00 am.

An hour and a half later, the Ocalenie Foundation posted another post.

After 5 hours, Abdulrahman was called by S.G. The hospital informed us that it was taken. We couldn’t believe it because he couldn’t walk. We’re going to look for him for convenience. No law permits the pushing of a unaccompanied minor. “It was written.

This morning, the Border Guard responded to the information by posting the hashtag #StopDezinformacji on Twitter.

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Police said a man found near Sokółka with mild hypothermic symptoms was released from hospital after 3 hours.

“The medical examination confirmed that the foreigner is an adult. The foreigner has no documents. He gave several dates of birth to the border guards. His identity is being traced and it is being confirmed that he is indeed a Sudanese citizen.”

– We read in the record of the Border Guard.

On more than one occasion, the border guard provided different findings about migrants crossing the Polish border illegally than those provided by the activists. Last month, we detailed the case of a Syrian woman who was left in the wild by activists who were in contact with people smugglers arranging her illegal entry into Poland.

However, the Polish police’s actions have met with criticism from some Polish members of parliament.

In the last two days alone, 150 people tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border.

The transfer of migrants to the Polish-Belarusian border is an organized operation coordinated by the Moscow and Minsk governments.

Foreigners legally arrive in Russia from their countries of origin and then by air/land from Moscow/Petersburg to Minsk/Brest.. After establishing contact with the intermediary, foreigners wait to set a date of departure from their accommodation to the border area. Attempts to cross the border take place with the active support of the Belarusian services

– means border guard.

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– Groups of foreigners try to enforce the ban every day. Guided by the Belarusian services, they look for places to cross the border. When they see a Polish patrol coming, they retreat to Belarus – the border guard adds.


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