Accurate shot from 1000 meters. Ukrainian soldier expels a Russian sniper

“On the premises of one of the companies in Mikolajky, near the positions taken by the Ukrainian guards, an enemy sniper was spotted, he did not give peace to our fighters from day one,” the Ukrainian Armed Forces said.

Finally, the Ukrainians were able to defeat the sniper. One of Mikołajów’s bodyguards removed it from a distance of about 1000 m and submerged the Russian positions with a machine gun.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fight for Nikolaev

Mikholev, located in the south of Ukraine, is currently one of the main targets of the Russian military. After capturing nearby Chersone, the Russians are now trying to completely cut off the next cities and enter. If Nikolaev is captured, the ground road to Odessa will be opened to the invaders.

Three days ago, the Ukrainian military announced that all Russian attacks had been repulsed. – They need 10 times more troops to get Mykolaiv – said adviser to Ukrainian President Oleksiy Arestovych.

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