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Roksana Węgiel always insisted that she was a Catholic. Some time ago, while hosting the show “Obgadane” on o2, he insisted that he goes to church with his friends and that those who attend mass are not “quiet”.

We need to break down a little bit of this stereotype of the church, because if someone goes to church, everyone thinks they’re some old chalk. I go to church with my crew, it’s very contemporary, so to speak, they’re totally super homies, so you have to educate people a little bit – she said then.

However, lately, he has fallen a bit under the Catholic context. It was because of what she said about abortion.

I am a Catholic, but I believe that God has given us free will, and when I was asked about abortion, I believe that nothing should be forbidden to anyone – Kuba Wojewodski said.

Consequences of a Controversial Statement

The statement did not impress many Christian media outlets, including Radio Marija. An article by Wojciech Grzywacz appeared on the website of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk’s radio station.

According to the author, Roxana can say this to become more popular, However, this statement may nullify his previous efforts to spread faith among the youth.

For example, it can be puzzling how it gets stuck in the head of a person who speaks out loud about his faith, testifies to it, and performs at Christian music festivals. It should be appreciated, however, unfortunately, words about so-called abortion can destroy a lot of this advantage. At this point, it is worth recalling that Roxana Vejle says that the turning point for her faith was participating in the prayer meetings of the community of the now-suspended Bro. Grzywacz argues – Daniel Callus.

According to the author, the singer should not declare “she is Catholic, but …” According to him, “It is not us who change and divide the principles of faith, but faith is about changing ourselves, our thinking and behavior.” He quoted the words of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger:

The church is not a self-service store, where everyone chooses what he likes, what he finds relevant today and acceptable in his own life. The Bible is not a supermarket in which you can select the few items you like and discard the rest, but it is God’s revelation through which He guides us.

Karolina Sobocinska, journalist at o2.pl

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