A video of his torture went viral around the world. The “crucified prisoner” is dead – o2

The man’s death was reported to the independent Telegram channel “Możem Objasnit” by his mother. According to him, the son, who was brutally beaten and tortured by the prison authorities, died in prison due to double pneumonia. Makaro is only 29 years old.

He died of pneumonia

The inmate’s family said at least three hospitals were unable to provide adequate medical care after he suffered a blood clot in his blood vessels after being brutally beaten in prison.

A recording of Yevgeny Makarov’s torture in a prison north of Moscow was leaked in 2018. The video was shared by the journalists of “Novoi Gazeta”, after which independent media began to call the convict “the crucified prisoner”, because the guards stretched him on the table during the beating.

After his release, his health deteriorated

The Makarov case sparked a series of investigations into Russian prisons, and the government pledged to crack down on prison torture. After his release in 2018, a friend of the deceased told the Objasnit channel that he received three years of administrative supervision but had health and mental health problems.

Makarov failed to find a job and was convicted again last year. He has not filed a lawsuit against the Federal Correctional Service seeking compensation for his imprisonment.

Systematic violence in Russian prisons

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