A United Airlines plane makes an emergency landing after a wheel fell off during takeoff

New Delhi: A Boeing A 777 plane carrying 249 people forced landing Thursday after a car's tire fell off in the parking lot, damaging several cars.
The Japan-bound flight was rerouted to Los Angeles where it landed safely.
A video shared online showed the wheel falling moments later United Airlines The plane took off from San Francisco International Airport to a parking lot used by airport employees.
“I don't see any impact for Boeing since it was United's maintenance team that changed the tire,” said John Cox, a retired pilot, describing it as a maintenance issue.
The Boeing 777 has six wheels on each of its main landing struts, and can land safely even if any wheel is missing or damaged, according to United Airlines.
“In aviation, we never want to have single points of failure if they can be avoided, and this is an example of that,” said Alan Price, former chief pilot at Delta Air Lines.
He added: “The remaining tires are fully capable of bearing the load.”
This comes amid Boeing facing a number of quality control issues, most recently in January, when a door-sized panel of a Boeing 737 Max 9 exploded from the fuselage after the plane took off in Portland.Oregon, grounding all Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft for 19 days.
Last week, US regulators ordered Boeing 90 days to develop a plan to resolve quality control deficiencies, with… Angolan Armed Forces The director stated that the company must “commit to real and profound improvements.”
(With inputs from agencies)

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