A Ukrainian peasant wanted an unusual reward from the army. “I’ll remember it for them.”

A Ukrainian peasant has failed his army. After the rapid evacuation of the Russian soldiers, there was a lot of equipment at their base. “They left Trostianets (a town in the Sumy region in the northeastern part of the country) and large columns, leaving behind tons of equipment, about 80 tanks” – he says.

“Although I’m not smart, I started one of the tanks, but a car is a car, more or less. It broke a little, but luckily it didn’t shoot, so it was beautiful. Good,” he continued.

However, he expected one of the tanks to help. However, the commander of the 93rd regiment told him that they needed every piece of military equipment, so he did not receive the tank. “I remember them” – announced the farmer.

Pravda portal reports that for every army vehicle towed, the farmers get a token amount as well as the food they need at this time.

Internet users linked the farmer with a popular clip in which one of the bins is pulled. However, it is not known whether the tractor driver himself was the one who lamented on television.

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