A Ukrainian howitzer bounces off the ground. The record is conquering the Internet

A recording has surfaced online showing Ukrainian soldiers with a 2S1 Goździk howitzer. The tactics they use attract attention, which significantly increases their chances of survival.

The recording shows a Ukrainian howitzer leaving an underground shelter. This is a temporary system. The excavated pit has a relatively smooth and wood-reinforced arch, thanks to which the driver can move the machine in and out without much difficulty. Equally important is the top cover, often made of wood and covered with earth or branches. This type of operation has a specific purpose – it helps protect equipment and personnel against Russian air attacks.

2S1 Gvozdika in the Ukrainian Army

The war in Ukraine is often called the drone war. This results in the massive use of unmanned aerial vehicles by both sides of the conflict. The invading army often uses Lancet drones to destroy Ukrainian equipment.

With their help, the invaders could effectively remove from the battlefield not only old Soviet units used by Ukrainians, but also equipment provided by NATO countries. There were records confirming successful attacks, e.g. On Polish Krabi. The Lancet drone has a wingspan of 1 m and weighs approximately 12 kg. It carries a weight of 3 kg and runs for a distance of about 40 km. It can reach a speed of 300 km per hour.

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It is a howitzer weighing almost 16 tons, using 122 mm bullets weighing 22 kg. Although the firing range can be increased (up to approximately 23 km) using gas-generator projectiles, it is capable of firing them at a distance of 15 km.

It was mounted on the tracked chassis of the MT-LB transporter and was equipped with a 300 hp engine. It accelerates to 60 km/h on the highway and 30 km/h on the highway. It can cross vertical obstacles up to 07 m high and water bodies.

Mateusz Tomczak, Virtualna Polska journalist

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