A twist in Slovakia over arms for Ukraine. Russia has reason to be happy

The Ministry of Defense is considering sending a package, which includes: ammunition. – All political parties negotiating the mandate of the new government today clearly reject such assistance. In such a situation, the decision to provide military equipment is not a good example for the change of political power after the election, said the spokesperson of the Slovak president, Strijinek.

Former Prime Minister Robert Fico’s Smer-Slovak Social Democracy (Smer-SSD) party, which after his election victory gave Czaputova responsibility for forming a cabinet, has long opposed arms supplies to Ukraine. The nationalist Slovak National Party (SNS), which Smyr considers a future coalition partner, shares the same view. Smer’s third potential coalition partner, the Voice – Social Democracy (Hlas-SD) party, said Bratislava had already exhausted its options for providing military aid to Ukrainians.

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