A terrible sight at the end of the war in Ukraine. This is what Vladimir Putin dreams of

Grand Shabbs, head of the British Ministry of Defence, is one of its biggest advocates Help Ukraine fight against the invader. In a lengthy interview with The Sunday Times, the politician warned the West of what would happen if the Russians turned the tide of the war and defeated Kiev. Then the dark dream will come true.

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“If we let Putin win this war, he will somehow win.” – Schabbs told journalists and warned that this would mean the end of an era of peace and no war for Europe. He called for building a modern army, investing in defense and changing the way we think about what is happening in the East. This is very important.

Europe must do everything today to eliminate the threat From Russia's resurgent military power.

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Relax and shop without any illusions as rated in the Christmas edition of “The Sunday Times” The situation on the Ukrainian front. The British Defense Minister, who has supported Kiev since the first days of the war, providing it with equipment, training for soldiers and humanitarian aid, pointed to three main elements of the conflict.

The British politician warned that the consequences of Ukraine's defeat would be very severe for Europe, Great Britain and the whole world.

Stop Russia here and now. Before her power developed. But you have to pay for it.

Grand Shops openly admits that there is no price that is not worth paying today. I want peace tomorrow. Avoid a global conflict with Russia, which is very real. If Putin's forces can be stopped now, if Kiev wins the battle and is safe, there will be no need to prepare for a new conflict in a few years.

If Putin is allowed to win this war, he will somehow win. Probably drag it out and run out. We will all suffer the consequences. These will be very painful for Europe, Great Britain and the whole world. I say this because we know what's going on. We remember how the dictators march through Europe ends, he explained.

Russians dream of being left alone on the battlefield in Ukraine without Western support And without American support. They believe that Donald Trump's election victory will break the Western alliance supporting Kiev. For now, the Hungarians and Slovaks are aligned with Putin, but this is not the end of the surprises.

Therefore, Kiev should get everything it asks for today. This is how this war can be won.

The British minister stressed that there is no price we are not willing to pay today to prevent what may happen tomorrow.

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