A strange picture for Lukashenka’s birthday. “Father of the Nation”, he cuddles rabbits and mows the field

On August 30, Alexander Lukashenko turns 64 years old. The whole country celebrated the dictator’s birthday with him. On this occasion, the Belarusian dictator received an unusual gift – a short film in his honor, produced by the pro-regime women’s association.

The propaganda material was shown on Twitter by Hanna Lubakova, an independent Belarusian journalist and adviser to Sviatlana Chichanuska. The ridiculous film had a great impact on Lubakova, because it warned others about the material. “I couldn’t sleep after what I saw. The pro-regime women’s association wished Lukashenka on her birthday with this film. But be careful, think twice before watching it,” writes Hanna Lubakova.

Actually, the material is weird. It shows the Belarusian dictator as a warm, affectionate and loving leader. These parts were chosen to portray Lukashenka as a versatile man who can do anything – in the film he operates various agricultural machines, cooks, plants trees and even shows up at the maternity ward to greet newborns. Plus, a picture of the self-proclaimed president Belarus They warm up the piece, where it hugs the dog or catches the rabbit.

Lukashenka also received birthday wishes from Vladimir Putin. He was told by the President of Russia over the phone that he would “promote friendly and friendly relations between Russia and Belarus” and “assist in countering security threats and challenges”.

Putin added that he appreciates friendly relations and frank talks with Lukashenka. He hoped that they would continue to cooperate. “By doing this, there is no doubt that we will act in the fundamental interests of our brotherly countries,” Putin said by phone.

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Source: Twitter, kremlin.ru


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