A Spanish newspaper warned against traveling to Poland. Consular intervention

In the article, the author said that “Warsaw’s help to Ukraine is the reason not to travel to Poland in the next few months”, and he paid special attention to the region near the border with Belarus: “Travel to this territory may be a problem for Spanish citizens”.

On the map of the threat indicator for travelers in Europe published by the newspaper, Ukraine is marked in black, which represents the most dangerous territory of Europe, where you should not travel under any circumstances; Russia, Belarus, Kaliningrad Oblast and Armenia – red, where it is not recommended to go if there is no such need, and Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia and Azerbaijan – orange danger areas.

Meanwhile – “According to the current classification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain – (via ABC “Daily”) the placing of our country in the low security category is the result of an error by the author and editor, and the content of the article will be corrected immediately” – the sources said in an interview with the PAP Embassy of the Republic of Poland, “ABC” Refers to the report of the editorial office of the newspaper.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “The security situation in Poland is stable, in principle, there is no threat to the integrity of the people. Polish security forces are effective in fighting crime, and when moving around Poland, you can enjoy. A sense of security, although it is better to avoid some districts (.. .)” – we read on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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After the intervention of the Polish company, the fragment of the “ABC” article regarding the classification of Poland as a dangerous country for travel was immediately removed, and Poland was classified as “safe and without special travel restrictions”. Germany, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Romania and Hungary are now marked in blue on a map of Europe, along with other “safe countries in Europe”.

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