A series of bombings in the Iraqi city of Erbil [NAGRANIA]

According to Reuters, Iraqi state media reported that the missile attack on Irbil was carried out from outside Iraq and that 12 ballistic missiles were fired.

Videos shared on social networking sites show that there were several major explosions in the area.

Irbil Governor Omad Ghoshnav said several missiles had landed in the area, and it was unclear whether the target was the US embassy or the airport in the city. The Iraqi news agency reported that five explosions were heard during the attack.

According to a Sky News Arabia reporter, the Kurdistan 24 studio should also be destroyed as a result of the attack. None of the victims.

“There were no casualties or casualties in the Erbil bombings,” said Saman Barzanji, Iraq’s health minister in Kurdistan province, state television.

According to Reuters, there were no casualties or injuries from the U.S. troops stationed in Erbil. Further no material damage has been reported so far.

Source: “Jerusalem Post”, “Sky News Arabia”, Reuters


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