A sad end to the search for a popular host in Greece? A body is found on a cliff

Michael Moseley, 67, a doctor known for his TV and radio shows, disappeared on Wednesday while on vacation on the Greek island of Symi. On Wednesday, he left his wife at the beach and went for a walk around 1:30 p.m. local time. The wife reported that her husband was missing. She insisted that the doctor did not have a mobile phone.

Officers have been searching for 5 days Firefighters, dogs, helicopters, drones, locals and officials from Simi and off-island. Both the sea and the remote, mountainous parts of the island were searched.

According to the BBC, the body Not yet formally identified. Mayor Simi explained that the body was dead It was discovered on a small cliff on a rocky hill northeast of the village of Pedi near the beach of Agia Marina. As informed to the police station, the deceased had been dead for several days.

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