A Russian is a strange idea. Banned Joe Biden – o2

The news was announced on Sunday, February 26. on his Twitter account Anton Herashchenko (politician and adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine). He posted an interesting screenshot of a message posted by Penza Region Governor Oleg Melnichenko.

Joe Biden was banned from entering the Penza area. Internet users laugh at Russia

The content of the message published by Oleg Melnichenko resonated widely with the public.

Our region does not like those who allow insults to Russia and its citizens directly on its territory. I don’t want people like that. Our guys are always famous for their sensitivity to other people’s problems, kindness and honesty. Biden lacks all these qualities,” wrote one Russian official.

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Ukrainian politician Anton Herashchenko was quick to sum up this conclusion with an eloquent, paradoxical sentence: “I hope Mr. Biden doesn’t get too upset about this,” he tweeted.

Internet users are also laughing at Russian Melnichenko’s decision on sanctions against Joe Biden and his relatives. Can’t help but make sarcastic and biting comments. Many comments were shared on Twitter under Herashchenko’s entry.

I think Biden will be absolutely gutted and stop all weapons going to Ukraine – ironically a user.

I’m sure President Biden can survive without visiting the Pensa region. (Who would even want to go there?) – added another internet user.

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