A restless night in Ukraine. There is still gunfire going on in Donbass

One Ukrainian soldier has been wounded, and officials from self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine are reporting several casualties – the result of a restless night in that country. Occasional gun battles are still taking place in Donbass.

At night, self-proclaimed Republican officials in the east of the country announced another shelling and the killing of two people on their side. In turn, the Ukrainian Task Force reported exactly 80 shelling attacks by separatists, in which one soldier was wounded.

As announced by the agencies – now There is sporadic fire exchange in Donbass.

On Sunday, separatists violated the ceasefire 80 times, 72 times using weapons banned by the Minsk treaty. – We read in the report of the staff of the Joint Armed Forces operation of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the current day, 8 cases of ceasefire violation have been registered.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, on Sunday evening the enemy used heavy weapons to shell Lukansk, which was controlled by separatists. Deputy Minister Hannah Malar assessed that this was another provocation aimed at accusing Ukrainian forces of firing.

Rafat Subarov, head of the Majlis (self-government) of the Crimean Tatars, wrote on Facebook, in the Russian-annexed Crimea, Columns of Russian military equipment heading towards the administrative border of the Gershon region. The missiles were found in the column, he added in a post released Sunday night.

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Mateusz Chłystun and Piotr Bułakowski say there is no particular concern among residents, as reported by RMF FM ambassadors to Kiev. The daily life of the Ukrainians in the country’s capital was peaceful.

Ukraine has been involved in more or less frozen conflict for almost eight years. So, it’s hard to feel the context of this panic here, this dynamic panic – nothing like that, because they ‘re used to it. – Former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Lviv Jacques Harold explained in a conversation with Mateusz Chłystun and Piotr Bułakowski.

However, as he notes, despite eight years of war in Ukraine, recent events have exacerbated the conflict for many years. Needless to say, this is a very dangerous situation for many, many years. The East has not had such an active branch for many years – Herald tells RMF FM’s special envoys in Kiev.

Meanwhile, the United States Fr. Increased the number of soldiers on the Russian side by another 30,000. Maxar has released anotherSatellite imagery showing the appearance on the field of several new locations for the deployment of tanks, equipment and soldiers in Russia, near the border with Ukraine.

The US State Department and the US Embassy in Moscow released the statement on Sunday Threat of terrorist attack Shopping malls and other public places in Russia. The ministry cited unspecified media reports.

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According to Bloomberg, the United States has informed the Allies Other cities besides Kiev may have been targeted by the Russian invasion. US demands are expected to be based on intelligence, including an analysis of the types and sizes of Russian forces and weapons near the border with Ukraine, and their readiness to attack from multiple directions. Kharkiv, Odessa and Gerson are on the list.

Bloomberg’s commentators did not specify the nature of the possible attack or what goals Vladimir Putin would set in such a situation.

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