A protest against mobilization was announced in Russia. “Should they die for Putin’s palace?”

Vladimir Putin has announced a partial demobilization of Russia, which is expected to begin on Wednesday. It is for reservists, that is, those who have already completed their military service, but need to undergo additional training before being sent to the front. – The mobilization will cover 300,000 people – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in the morning.

It didn’t take long for the Russians to react. The youth democratic movement “Vasantham” has announced that it will hold a protest tonight.

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The first anti-mobilization protests announced by President Vladimir Putin today will take place in Russia. RBC-Ukraine reports about the entry of the youth democratic movement “Spring” on Twitter.

Activists have called on Russians to demonstrate in cities across the country. Action starts today September 21st at 19 local time.

“Vladimir Putin has announced a partial demobilization in Russia. This means thousands of Russian men – our fathers, brothers and husbands – will be thrown into the meat grinder of war. What will they die for? Why? To Putin’s palace??” – says the message.

Spring activists also announced preparations for “Impeachment 2.0,” aimed at ousting Putin and ending the war in Ukraine.

“We are launching a service that allows you to appeal to the State Duma deputy with a request to start Putin’s resignation and end the war. The text is ready. A few clicks and the website will send everything automatically” – we read in the entry.

(Sources: RBC-Ukraine, Youth Democratic Movement “Spring”)

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