A penis “drawn” on the slopes of Alaska. Angry resort manager

“Work” on the slope. A helicopter was called in to cover them

Humorous skiers at a ski resort in Alaska created a painting in the snow that resembled a male penis. The enraged Head of Department could not reconcile with this. He organized a whole operation to destroy the indecent “work”, a helicopter was involved in the operation.

Skiers painted a 50-meter-long drawing of a penis on the ice. “Work” was created this week in Alaska on one of the mountain slopes of an Alaska resort.

On March 8, the case began to be discussed by the American and British media. According to the “Daily Star”, the drawing was done under the cover of night. The skiers had to overcome an altitude of about 1,000 meters to get to the place where they made their figure.

Helicopter operation

If not for the reaction of Alyska, the manager of the center, there would be nothing unusual about it. Media reports said he was furious and refused to wait for new snow to naturally cover the map.

He called a helicopter from one of the travel companies, which first tried to cover the map of the penis created by the rotor blades.

However, the drawing was done so deeply, and the snow was so compact, that such an action did not give much. So, a group of resort employees landed from a helicopter and had to step on the image of the penis with their shoes.

jk/ml/ Polsatnews.pl

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